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In a recent GQ video titled "10 Things Euphoria's Hunter Schafer Can't Live Without," the acclaimed Euphoria actress and model gave a shoutout to Unclockable’s very own Tuck Kit, showcasing it as one of her must-have essentials for tucking. This genuine endorsement has already sparked buzz, with the Tuck Kit segment marked as "Most replayed" and the video nearing 200K views since its release last month. 

Hunter's enthusiastic endorsement of the Tuck Kit:

"These are 'tuck kits' by a brand called Unclockable. I really wanted to bring these and show [these] off today, because they are really useful for the dolls or anybody who needs to tuck. I have them on my rider for every photoshoot thing I ever do. It's cute and it comes with detailed instructions on how to do a tuck, because nobody likes tucking - it’s not really fun. Beforehand, I had kind of just been winging it, with like tape – sometimes even duct tape – which is not fun. This is the most comfortable option I’ve ever had and just love how it’s for trans people by trans people."

Her words resonated with fans, who applauded her openness and confidence in sharing this intimate aspect of her life.

What is tucking? - A Quick Recap

As mentioned on our previous resource blog - Understanding Gender-Affirming Underwear: A Comprehensive Guide - Tucking is a technique used to create a smoother, flatter appearance in the groin area by repositioning the genitals. This practice is common among transgender women and non-binary individuals who were assigned male at birth, as well as drag performers and cisgender men seeking a more feminine silhouette. While tucking can be achieved in various ways, the goal is to minimise the appearance of the penis and testes, often by positioning the testes within the inguinal canals and securing the penis between the legs or towards the buttocks. This can be achieved using specialised garments like gaffs or by employing methods like tape or specially designed products like the Unclockable Tuck Kit.

Unclockable Tuck Kit Australia Features

What makes the Tuck Kit a must-have?

So, what makes the Tuck Kit so special? It's not just a product; it's a game-changer. Unclockable's Tuck Kit is the original all-in-one tucking solution designed for ultimate comfort and confidence. Made with a proprietary knit of super stretchy, breathable natural fibers, it contours to your body, wicking away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable for up to 10 hours. The gentle, hypoallergenic adhesive ensures a secure hold without irritation, allowing you to move freely and confidently. And the best part? It's swim-proof, gym-proof, and life-proof, staying securely in place even during intense activity.

Whether you're new to tucking or a seasoned pro, the Tuck Kit is designed with you in mind. It's easy to use, with detailed instructions and a bathroom break-friendly design that allows for easy removal and reapplication. Plus, it's latex-free and hypoallergenic, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Shop The Unclockable Tuck Kit in Australia

Inspired by Hunter's endorsement? Discover the Tuck Kit that's revolutionising gender-affirming underwear! As Australia's go-to destination for gender-affirming underwear, Tuck & Bind is proud to be an official Unclockable Tuck Kit stockist in Australia.


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