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Discover the ultimate destination for trans masculine underwear that celebrates queerness with style and sustainability. Explore a range Paxies packing underwear, crafted to empower self-expression and promote inclusivity.


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All-In-One Packing BoxersAll-In-One Packing Boxers
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Celebrating Queerness with Paxies in Australia

Welcome to our collection of Paxsies Packing Underwear in Australia! Paxies celebrate the vibrant spectrum of queerness through ethically crafted undergarments. Established in 2019 in the heart of the Netherlands, Paxsies emerged from a desire to provide a space where everyone can find undergarments that not only reflect their identity but also align with their values. With a range of trans masc underwear, designed with packers and STP’s in mind, this is an amazing brand to wear day to day!