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Get ready to go bananas over our range of Banana Prosthetics for Packers, STP’s and Packing underwear designed to help FTM individuals strut their stuff with confidence and style.


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SP2 V2 Soft PackerSP2 V2 Soft Packer
SP2 V2 Soft Packer Sale price$120.00 AUD
SP3 Soft PackerSP3 Soft Packer
SP3 Soft Packer Sale price$130.00 AUD
SP8 Soft Packer
SP8 Soft Packer Sale price$110.00 AUD
STP2 Stand To Pee Packer
STP2 Stand To Pee Packer Sale price$195.00 AUD
STP3 Stand To Pee PackerSTP3 Stand To Pee Packer
STP3 Stand To Pee Packer Sale price$150.00 AUD
CocoNuts Bamboo Pouch (STP and soft Packer)CocoNuts Bamboo Pouch (STP and soft Packer)
CocoNuts Bamboo Packing Underwear (STP & Soft packer)CocoNuts Bamboo Packing Underwear (STP & Soft packer)

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Banana Prosthetics Australia

Welcome to our range of Banana Prosthetics products, where innovation meets authenticity in the realm of gender affirmation. Founded on the principles of determination, creativity, and inclusivity, Banana Prosthetics is dedicated to providing premium solutions for individuals undergoing the transitioning process. With a focus on quality, comfort, and empowerment, they offer a diverse range of products designed to enhance confidence and facilitate self-expression. From realistic penis packers to STP devices and packing underwear, each item is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs and preferences of our customers. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, one prosthetic at a time.