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icons of gender affirming professionals in melbourne

Gender Affirming Directory

Explore a list of community-endorsed professionals who have played pivotal roles in supporting and affirming the LGBTQIA+ community in Melbourne.

A black classic Get Your Joey packing pouch on a white background

Get Your Joey Guide

Get Your Joey is revolutionizing the packing experience for FTM individuals with their versatile and innovative packing pouches. Handmade in Canada by trans-owned and operated company, Get Your Joe...

Understanding Gender Affirmation Underwear definition banner

Understanding Gender-Affirming Underwear: A Comprehensive Guide

Gender Affirming Underwear - Definitions Gender affirmation is a deeply personal and evolving journey, and gender-affirming underwear plays a vital role for many individuals. This guide aims to pr...

Cleaning a breast form with water and a cloth

Breast Form Care Guide

Whether you've chosen our classic Silicone Breast Forms for crossdressing or transitioning from MTF, or opted for our versatile Swimming Breast Forms which are perfect for aquatic adventures, we've...