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Introducing our silicone breast forms, featuring The Original Breast Forms and The Swimming Breast Forms, offering versatile options for every occasion.

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Triangular Shape

Our breast forms' triangular shape isn't by chance; it's carefully selected by our expert fitters with over 40 years of lingerie industry experience. Chosen for optimal coverage and projection, this shape ensures a natural appearance under clothing. Trust our expertise to provide comfortable and aesthetically pleasing breast forms that enhance your silhouette and boost your confidence.

Realistic Nipple

With an added extra layer of authenticity, our breast forms feature a realistic nipple design meticulously crafted to enhance the natural appearance and feel. With attention to detail, our nipple design mimics the texture, color, and projection of a natural nipple, ensuring a seamless blend with your body.

Discreet Comfort Pouch

Included with every breast form purchase is a complimentary pouch designed to hold them when not in use. This discreet pouch offers a convenient storage solution, allowing you to tuck away your breast forms safely in your drawers or wherever you prefer. Whether you're traveling or simply storing them at home, our complimentary pouch provides peace of mind and convenience, making it easier than ever to care for your breast forms.

After trying a few different fake boobs from Ebay and Amazon, I'm so glad to have found a size, shape, and quality that works!
Amazing product to suit anyone MTF who is looking for high quality breast forms with a realistic feel to wear under a bra.
Comfortable to wear for extended periods.
Swim forms are just what I needed to enjoy the summer in the sun!

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Silicone Breast Forms

Our silicone breast forms are designed to provide a natural and comfortable enhancement to the bust-line of those seeking to perfect their silhouette, whether transitioning or for crossdressing purposes. The triangular shape of our breast forms is strategically chosen for its optimal coverage and projection, ensuring a seamless and natural look when worn under a bra. Whether you're seeking everyday wear or swimwear options, our silicone breast forms offer versatility and confidence for all occasions. Trust in our expertise to provide you with high-quality breast forms that enhance your natural beauty and empower you to express your authentic self.