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Unlock the freedom to pee standing up with our STP (Stand To Pee) packers - empowering FTM individuals to seize every moment with confidence and ease!


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STP2 Stand To Pee Packer
STP2 Stand To Pee Packer Sale price$195.00 AUD
STP3 Stand To Pee PackerSTP3 Stand To Pee Packer
STP3 Stand To Pee Packer Sale price$150.00 AUD

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FTM STP's in Australia

STP (Stand To Pee) packers are not just prosthetics; they're tools that empower FTM individuals to navigate the world with newfound freedom and confidence. Gone are the days of feeling restricted by traditional gender norms - STP packers, including those from Banana Prosthetics, provide a solution that transcends boundaries and allows individuals to live authentically. With their innovative design and practical functionality, STP packers offer a seamless transition experience, enabling users to confidently use public restrooms and engage in activities without hesitation.