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Packing is an essential part of the FTM experience for many transgender men, providing comfort, confidence, and a sense of authenticity. At Tuck & Bind, we understand the importance of finding the right packing underwear in Australia that suits your needs and preferences. That’s why we offer a selection of packing underwear from top brands like RodeoH, Paxies, Banana Prosthetics, and soon Get Your Joey, all designed to provide the support you deserve along your transitioning journey.


Whether you prefer packing briefs, boxers, STP underwear or a packing pouch, we've listed our favourites of each type below while highlighting some of the features we love! We’re hoping this blog can help you to make a decision on what type of packing underwear works best for you and your packer!


The Best Packing Underwear For Trans Men 

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The Best Packing Brief - RodeoH Top Loading Brief

Kicking the list off is RodeoH's Classic Top Loading Brief, a go-to option for FTM individuals seeking everyday comfort and support. Its elasticized interior pocket is designed to securely hold extra small to large soft packers, providing a discreet and natural-looking bulge. Available in a Classic Black or Stone Grey, these top loading briefs are made from a soft, stretchy cotton & spandex blend, offering all-day comfort and a confident fit. Complete with a faux front pocket and brief style cut, this is a packing brief you can feel good about.



Navy and Black packing boxers

The Best Packing Boxers - RodeoH Classic Top Loading Boxer

If the same great feel as the top loading briefs, these packing boxers feature the same great features as the brief but with a square leg. The RodeoH Classic Top Loading Boxer is a perfect choice with it’s innovative design featuring an elasticized interior top-loading pocket, making it easy to insert and adjust your packer throughout the day. The pocket narrows at the bottom to prevent rolling or shifting, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Crafted from a soft, stretchy cotton blend, these boxers offer all-day comfort and breathability, while the faux front pocket opening adds a touch of style and realism. The Classic Top Loading Boxer is designed for extra small to medium soft packers, making it a versatile option for everyday wear. 


STP Packing Underwear

The Best STP Compatible Underwear - RodeoH Truhk Trunk

If you're looking for the best STP underwear, RodeoH's Truhk Trunk is your solution. This forward thinking design features a unique three-layer pocket system that securely holds your STP in place, preventing twisting and ensuring a natural hang. The super soft bamboo and spandex fabric provides unmatched comfort, while the trunk length offers a more modern and stylish look.



Packing pouch

The Best Packing Pouch: Banana Prosthetics CocoNuts Bamboo Pouch

For a comfortable and discreet packing experience to wear with any underwear, the Banana Prosthetics CocoNuts Bamboo Pouch is a top choice. Made from premium bamboo fabric, this pouch is incredibly soft, breathable, and gentle on the skin. Its sleek design allows you to wear it comfortably under any underwear, or even on its own. The 1.5-inch O-opening provides easy access for inserting and removing your packer or STP device, ensuring a smooth and natural appearance.


Paxies Packing Underwear

The Best Overall Packing Underwear - Paxies All-in-One Packing Boxers

For the ultimate in convenience and comfort, we’re in love with Paxies All-in-One Packing Boxers. These gender-affirming boxers come with a complimentary removable foam packer, perfect for those who want an all in one hassle-free packing solution. The boxers are also compatible with other non-STP packers, offering versatility and flexibility. Made from eco-friendly, biodegradable fabrics, Paxies are a sustainable choice for the conscious consumer. Available in a range of colours including classic black, stone grey, and sage green, this is a clear winner overall in our opinion.



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Get Your Joey Pouches

We're excited to announce that we now have a range of Get Your Joey packing pouches, designed to easily transform any underwear into packing underwear. These versatile pouches offer a convenient and affordable way to create your own custom packing solution. With designs and styles for every occasion including everyday and sports pouches, you’ll find a packing pouch to your liking.


New To Packing?

Our Beginner Packer Recommendation - Mr Limpy Packer

If you're new to packing or simply prefer a more subtle look, the Mr. Limpy packer (small) 4” is an excellent choice. Made from realistic SuperSkin material, Mr. Limpy provides a natural feel and appearance. It's available in two sizes, allowing you to choose the level of enhancement that best suits your preferences. Plus, at only $30, the Mr. Limpy Packer is a budget friendly packer, perfect for getting into packing before advancing to more anatomically accurate (and more expensive) packers like those from Banana Prosthetics and similar advanced brands.


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In-Store Fittings at Tuck & Bind

Not sure which packing underwear is right for you or prefer to see products in person? Visit our store in Melbourne for a free fitting with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We'll help you find the perfect fit and style to meet your individual needs and preferences. We understand that everyone's journey is unique, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

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