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Non-Binary & Transgender Underwear Brands

Welcome to our range of underwear brands designed by and for the vibrant queer community.
Our selection features transgender and non-binary underwear brands that prioritise authenticity, comfort, and style. Created with a deep understanding of the importance of gender affirmation, these brands offer a diverse range of undergarments to cater to the unique needs and preferences of individuals across the gender spectrum. From innovative gaffs and binders to breast forms, bras, packers, and STP's, each brand in our collection is committed to promoting inclusivity and empowering individuals to embrace their true selves.

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Transgender and crossdressing silicone breast form on blue silk fabric

Our home-brand products, dedicated to helping crossdressing and transgender individuals achieve their perfect silhouette with breast forms and binding tape. With over 40 years of lingerie expertise, we prioritise confidence and comfort. Trust us to provide the best in breast shaping.

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Two FTM people wearing chest binders
White UrBody logo

UrBody are dedicated to challenging gender and body norms in fashion. They create gender-inclusive functional garments tailored to fit all individuals, gathering community feedback at every step.

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Origami Customs team
White Origami Customs logo

Founded on the belief that everyone deserves to feel good in their bodies, Origami Customs offers a line of handmade lingerie for individuals of all genders. Origami creates fashion that supports the transgender & queer community, prioritising comfort, fit, and self-expression.

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Group of gender diverse people laughing on a couch
White Transform Transwear logo

Originating in Naarm/Melbourne, Transform emerged from a struggle to find comfortable, locally designed chest binders. Fostering confidence and comfort, Transform Transwear empowers individuals to authentically embrace their true self.

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Gender diverse people in Paxies underwear

Established in 2019 in the heart of the Netherlands, Paxsies emerged from a desire to provide a space where everyone can find undergarments that not only reflect their identity but also align with their values. With a range of trans masc underwear, designed with packers and STP’s in mind, this is an amazing brand to wear day to day!

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Get Your Joey Packing Pouch Logo Banner

A trans-owned company based in Canada, Get Your Joey is dedicated to providing affordable and accessible packing solutions for FTM individuals. Get Your Joey packing pouches are meticulously handmade in Canada, ensuring quality and attention to detail in every stitch.

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Rubies Shine logo with two characters
White Rubies Shine Logo

Rubies was born out of a father's desire to ensure his daughter, Ruby, could enjoy her adventures with comfort and confidence, regardless of where they traveled. Rubies bikini bottoms & underwear offers worry-free comfort and support for all activities.

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Banana on yellow background

Made from high quality materials, Banana Prosthetics offer realistic packers, STP’s, packing underwear, and more designed to instil confidence and enhance lives of FTM individuals worldwide.

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Mr Limpy Packers on a black and green background
White Fleshlight Logo

From the popular brand, Fleshlight, explore our range of Mr. Limpy Packers. Find the perfect fit for your body and style, whether you prefer a subtle bulge or a more pronounced look, our packers come in various sizes to suit your individual preferences and needs.

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