SP2 V2 Soft Packer

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Colour: T2
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Experience a revolution in gender affirmation with the SP2 V2 Soft Packer by Banana Prosthetics. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this packer boasts a medium packing size ideal for a natural and comfortable fit. This FTM packer, with a 9cm rod length and 11cm circumference offers a lifelike appearance and feel with a circumcised head.

Whether you're dressing for the day or exploring your personal journey of transition, this penis packer is designed to enhance your confidence. Plus, weighing just 230 grams, it provides a lightweight and easy-to-wear solution for everyday use. Embrace authenticity and stride with pride with the SP2 V2 Soft Packer by Banana Prosthetics—your ultimate companion on the path to self-affirmation.